Roller Press

Alpress offer a Servicing & Repair service for Roller Presses.

We can also supply a selection of machines shown below.

Rollmatic 1400 - Roller Press Die Cutter

The inexpensive steel rule die is placed, cutting edge up, onto the non-slip feed belts on the left hand side of the press. The material to be cut is placed on the top of the cutting edges, and is transported under the two counter-rotating rollers. The upper cutting roller is covered with a 30 mm thick nylon sleeve, and the bottom roller is the pressure roller.

The material and die pass through these two rollers and come out on the right hand side in seconds, and the material is now cut. The cut parts are stripped, and the cycle is repeated, now working from right to left. This simple process can be learned by an unskilled
operator in minutes.

• Quick and easy die change and setup
• Ideal for short production run
• Unlimited die length
• Automatic operation and belt feed
• Very easy and safe operation
• Large top roll diameter prevents material crushing
• Longlife 30 mm thick nylon upper roll
• Available in wide range of cutting width

Alpress Hydraulic Services

Spec Cutting Width Daylight Min/Max Table Length Roller Dia Belts Drive Motor
850 1150 23/50 1115 250 2 1.1KW
1150 1150 23/50 1415 250 3 1.5KW
1400 1400 23/50 1615 250 4 1.5KW
1600 1600 23/50 1815 250 4 1.5KW
Roll 1 2000 23/50 2075 320 4 2.2KW
Roll 2 2400 23/50 2475 320 5 2.2KW
Roll 3 3050 23/50 3875 320 5 4.0KW

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