Travelling Head Press

Alpress offer a Servicing & Repair service for Travelling Head Presses.

We can also supply a selection of machines shown below.

Atom S588 / HS588

The main features of these cutting systems are a high trolley movement speed, which ensures high operating speed and therefore high productivity. It also features a powerful trolley dynamic brake, for a fast trolley stop limiting the consumption of the translation engine.

Atom patented hydraulic system that limits power consumption by using engines with less Hp than the ones competitors must use.

Sturdy framework, extremely rigid and resistant, realised with top quality components to reduce primary maintenance needs.

Alpress Hydraulic Services

Bed Length Bed Width Platen (mm) Max Tonnage Max Daylight Drive Motor Gross Weigh
S 588/1 1500mm 430mm 430x430 20t 143mm 2HP / 1.5kw 1670kg
S 588/2 1600mm 500mm 500x500 20t 143mm 2HP / 1.5kw 1695kg
S 588/3 1600mm 500mm 500x500 25t 143mm 2HP / 1.5kw 1700kg
S 588/5 2000mm 500mm 500x500 25t 143mm 2HP / 1.5kw 2100kg
HS 588/1 1500mm 430mm 430x430 20t 175mm 2HP / 1.5kw 1750kg
HS 588/2 1600mm 500mm 500x500 20t 175mm 2HP / 1.5kw 1780kg
HS 588/3 1600mm 500mm 500x500 25t 175mm 2HP / 1.5kw 1780kg
HS 588/5 2000mm 500mm 500x500 25t 175mm 2HP / 1.5kw 2180kg
HS 588/10 2000mm 750mm 750x750 30t 188mm 2.5HP / 1.875kw 2670kg
HS 588/11 2000mm 750mm 500x750 30t 188mm 2.5HP / 1.875kw 2650kg
HS 588/12 2000mm 650mm 650x650 30t 188mm 2.5HP / 1.875kw 2620kg
HS 588/13 2000mm 650mm 500x650 30t 188mm 2.5HP / 1.875kw 2600kg
HS 588/14 2000mm 500mm 500x500 30t 175mm 2.5HP / 1.875kw 2340kg

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Manual Travelling Head Press

This die-cutting machine is the beat technology can offer in order to improve production performance and reduce costs. Production speed is ensured by:

• A programme controller (PLC)
• Traverse using an oversized chain
• Plate lowering with a hydrodynamic soundproofing system and high delivery pump
• Solid ergonomic control, which requires two hands and is time synchronized for the EEC market and countries where this is required by safety at work regulations
• Simple adjustment and use of the various functions
• Digital power adjustment (cutting) using specific keys on the control bar.

Standard Equipment
• 25 millimetre-thick cutting block
• Hydraulic oil (specify if the machine is to be delivered without oil)
• Neon lighting in the work area
• 900 millimetre-wide rear table
• Openable rear guard with dampers and safety microswitches
• Front protection using a modulated infrared light curtain
• All motors used are protected with thermomagnetic breakers

• Motor-driven material feeder with mechanical or pneumatic opening
• Production counter and message and technical information display using a backlit LCD with text in Italian, English, French, Spanish, German (or other languages on request)
• Electronic cutting die search (only models MAV 12 and MAV 13)
• 50 millimetre-thick cutting block (instead of the standard 25 mm)

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