Alpress Hydraulic Services announce acquisition of Compactaserve

For over 30 years, Alpress has been supplying industrial hydraulic cutting equipment and services to customers throughout the United Kingdom. Alpress and CompactaServe supply and service a large range of waste recycling equipment, helping your business both reduce the volume of general waste and for the compaction of recyclable material. From SMEs to multinational corporations, we pride ourselves on our commitment to delivering a high-quality service wherever required.

The new team are: Graeme Fleming (Director); Victoria Aitken (Customer Account Manager); Karl Young (Senior Engineer); Bryan Heron (Engineer).

The Board would like to thank departing Directors Mr David Reekie and Mrs Mary Reekie for their positive impact to CompactaServe during their tenure.

As with any important business changes, we will continue to work closely with our customers, partners, and suppliers to ensure the transition process is smooth and we guarantee our customers continue to receive the same high standards of service.

This is the beginning of an exciting period for Alpress which the management team are confident will facilitate future growth and opportunities for all stakeholders.

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